Final presentation of undergraduate research projects

Final presentation of undergraduate research projects 新着情報

We accept several undergraduate students every year for conducting the undergraduate research projects in Institute of Radiation Emergency Medicine. In this fiscal year, the five students carried out their own research projects supervised by the professors at IREM. They presented an overview of each research project in the final presentation at the Department of Health Sciences which was held on 28 November 2020. The theme of their research projects are as follows:

1) Performance test of tritium electrolytic enrichment apparatus with SPE and application to environmental water collected at Hirosaki City
2) Influence of sampling flow rate on evaluation of thoron exhalation rate by circulation method
3) Performance test of active radon-thoron discriminative monitors in thoron measurement
4) Development of rapid analytical method for strontium-90 in drinking water by using ICP-MS in a nuclear disaster
5) Evaluation of basic characteristics of sampling filter for radioactive aerosols in the atmosphere