Department of Radiation Emergency Medicine

Department of Radiation Emergency Medicine

Research Overview

The Department of Radiation Emergency Medicine carries out studies related to research on radiation emergency medicine in cooperative with other departments of the institute. It also carries out construction of the radiation emergency support network through collaboration with national and local governments, medical institutions, university and special institutions.
The Advanced Emergency and Critical Center was specially established with facilities to deal with patients having ARS (acute radiation syndrome) or victims of nuclear accidents and it has an analytical laboratory for dose evaluation. In emergency situations, internal radiation exposure levels are estimated using a whole-body counter to measure gamma-ray emitting radionuclides inside of the human body and using equipment for analyzing α- and β-rays in biological samples. We aim at preparing dose evaluation protocols and training courses in cooperation with the Department of Radiation Measurement and Physical Dosimetry. Moreover, we will provide training for clinical applications.

Department Organization

  • ・Professor Hiroyuki Hanada(concurrent)
  • ・Project Assistant Professor Kazutaka Kikuchi
  • ・Project Assistant Professor Shimizu Mayumi


Analytical laboratory Whole-body counter