Holding the 5th International Radiation Science Collaboration Center Seminar


On Friday, November 11th, 2022, the Institute of Radiation Emergency Medicine (IREM) invited Professor Dr. Thomas Johnson to give a lecture titled “How does radiation cause biological effects & Radiological Health Sciences at CSU”. The lecture was a hybrid session held in-person and online (ZOOM) as IREM’s 5th International Collaboration Center for Radiation Science seminar in the International Radiation Protection Training Program. The lecture was attended by 58 participants both in-person and online, including faculty members and students. Prof. Thomas Johnson is from Colorado State University, U.S.A., and was hosted by IREM faculty Prof. Tomisato Miura and Dr. Donovan Anderson. After the seminar, Dr. Johnson met with IREM faculty to discuss the possibility of future academic exchange and cooperation.