Keynote Speech at the Bilateral Workshop between Japan and the Republic of Indonesia


Professor Shinji Tokonami (Director of IREM) and Dr. Yasutaka Omori of the Department of Radiation Measurement and Physical Dosimetry, and Professor Masahiro Hosoda of the Department of International Cooperation and Collaborative Research (Professor of Graduate School of Health Sciences) gave presentations at the “Japan-Indonesia Bilateral Workshop on Radiation Safety and Radiation Protection” held on November 2, 2022, at the National Research and Innovation Agency, Republic of Indonesia.

The workshop discussed the role of radiation protection science on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Prof. Tokonami gave a keynote speech on radiation exposure situation in Indonesia, and Dr. Omori gave a keynote speech on the population dose and its evaluation methodology in Japan. In addition, Prof. Hosoda gave a research presentation on the radiation dose survey of returned residents in the Hama-dori area, Fukushima Prefecture, which is being conducted under the Research Project on the Health Effects of Radiation organized by Ministry of the Environment, Japan.

Prof. Tokonami also introduced the portable environmental radiation measuring instrument that is being developed jointly with Advanced Fusion Technology Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan). The exhibit was well attended, indicating a high level of interest in the measuring instrument.

More than 300 participants from four countries, including online participants, attended the workshop. We were able to share our research results with the participants.

Keynote speech by Prof. Shinji Tokonami. Keynote speech by Dr. Yasutaka Omori.
Presentation by Prof. Masahiro Hosoda. Commemorative photo with on-site participants.
Introduction of the radiation measuring
instrument currently under development.
Exhibition of the radiation measuring instrument.