Seminar and Research Meeting at Health of Polytechnique, Pangkal Pinang , Indonesia

Commemorative photo.

Professor Shinji Tokonami (Director of IREM) and Dr. Yasutaka Omori of the Department of Radiation Measurement and Physical Dosimetry have been selected as the first foreign researchers to be invited by the National Research Innovation Agency of Indonesia to participate in a research fellowship program. They are staying in Indonesia from October 19 to November 11 to conduct joint research and special lectures, and to attend a symposium. On October 28th, they visited Health of Polytechnique, Pangkal Pinang in the Bangka island to give seminars and hold research meeting. The Health of Polytechnique, Pangkal Pinang is a research and educational institution directly under the Ministry of Health that trains medical professionals. Prof. Tokonami had a seminar on radiation exposure situation in Indonesia, and Dr. Omori had a seminar on basic knowledge of radiation exposure to online international participants. After the seminars, a meeting was held to discuss joint research to be conducted on the Bangka Island. By leveraging the strengths of the IREM and the Health of Polytechnique, Pangkal Pinang, we aim to develop a comprehensive understanding of the health effects of radiation exposure and heavy metal exposure, as well as educational programs for health care professionals, workers, and community members.

Presentation by Prof. Shinji Tokonami.

Presentation by Dr. Yasutaka Omori.

Commemorative photo.

Discussion on joint research to be conducted on the Bangka Island.